Creating plans of success for students of ALL abilities!

Consider our services an investment in your child's education and future!

Our Mission


To help parents as they navigate the special education system; to assist families in developing an IEP (or 504) for their child that includes a meaningful vision as it pertains to further education, employment, and independent living; and to advocate for and foster a culture of inclusion for all!

Who We Are


We are Lauren Ochalek and Beth Nolan, allies in education, dedicated to improving the special education system, more specifically the IEP (or 504) process, to ensure that every child has the opportunity to succeed! What sets us apart from other IEP coaches and education consultants is that we work together to bring you our services, meaning that your case gets the extra time and attention that it deserves. We are all better together!

Company Overview


Education Team Allies was founded in 2019 and was born from the realization that parents within our local community, and beyond, were seeking assistance in developing meaningful education plans for their children with special needs. We believe in a positive, collaborative working relationship with your child's education team; a professional relationship that is built upon trust, understanding, patience, kindness, and respect. We truly believe that a collaborative team-based approach is what is best to support a student along their educational journey.   

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Our Beliefs

  • A truly student-centered approach with a focus on collaboration, teamwork, and empathy
  • Non-adversarial communication and conflict management, where grace, understanding, and gratitude are always fundamental elements of the team’s relationship
  • Educating and empowering all involved team members so that they may effectively advocate for the best interest of the student at the center of the IEP process
  • Inclusion! Students of all abilities have the fundamental right to be educated alongside their typical peers and support should always come from within the classroom first by way of co-teaching, para support, and other push-in services.
  • We are ALL in this together

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Our Thoughts

We understand that each student's situation and needs are unique to them and that no two students are alike! Tell us more about how we can help you create a meaningful educational plan for your child. We view our services as an investment in your child's education and future.


Severna Park, Maryland, United States


Privacy Policy

Neither Lauren Ochalek nor Beth Nolan are attorneys or legal experts. Education Team Allies does not, under any circumstances, offer legal advice. Furthermore, Education Team Allies does not educate on how to file state complaints or due process. A working relationship with Education Team Allies will focus solely on strategies to support families through the IEP (or 504) process who are NOT in critical situations. We serve families across the state of Maryland as well as other areas of the country where our services are needed.

Working with Education Team Allies is specifically designed to support families who need to learn how to become an equal member of their child's educational team through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails, and knowing what questions to ask to get the results their child needs. Our focus is on collaborative efforts to help students achieve.